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City of Thieves

City of Thieves is our eigth school project that we made during at The Game Assembly and is developed in Unreal Engine 5.


Our game reference for this game was Sly Cooper. 

Was made in 12 weeks and worked for 8 hours a day on this project. I focused on implementing the sound system and we used third party tool WWise.

Sound Showcase


  • Sound System

  • WWise Implementation

    • Importing/Exporting
      Sound Banks​

    • Hooked variables to affect sounds in-game

    • Hooked up randomization for SFX ex: footsteps, attacks

  • Animation

    • Hooked sounds to animations​

    • Play different step sound based on the surface type

The video shows different sound variations when stepping on different textures, sneaking sound and also some ambience with crickets in the background and some water ambience when you stand by it.

Game Trailer

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