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Noodle Horror Show

Noodle Horror Show is our second school project that we made during at The Game Assembly and it is developed in Unity. 


For this game we got inspired by Cosmic Express. The gameplay premise is to build the shortest path possible to the end and avoid obstacles in the way.

This game was made in eight weeks and I worked for four hours a day on this project. I made all the saving of the levels, based on how many steps you take in a stage the lesser the coins you get if you fail the shortest path. I also made a tool for Level Designers to use so that they can set the score themselves with three different tiers, 1, 2 or 3 coins.

Other than that I did some gameplay elements to the game which was picking up coins and using portals.

Score System Showcase


  • Level Manager

  • Score System

  • Score Tool

  • Gameplay Elements

    • Coin Pickup​

    • Portals

The video shows a level being completed. At the end you can see a completion of the level and the score being displayed with the amount of steps taken.

Game Trailer

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