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Raven's Cloak

Raven's Cloak is our fifth school project that we made during at The Game Assembly and is developed in schools own engine (TGA2D). 


Our reference was Zelda, where we wanted that explorative adventure. Killing enemies, talking with NPCs, gathering items and a story to go along with it.

Was made in eight weeks and worked for four hours a day on this project. Some of my work on this project was to implement an animation system that takes in a sprite sheet also made a inventory system for picking up all the items in the game.

Inventory/GUI Showcase


  • Animation System

  • Inventory System

  • Gameplay Elements

    • Bomb Explosion​

    • Health/Key/Bullet Pick Ups

  • GUI

    • Inventory​

    • User Interface

    • Main Menu

You can see some interaction with the inventory. You press ESC to enter it and go through the menu using Q and E buttons.

Game Trailer

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